Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Pasture to Profit Blog goes live!

So what on earth is he (Tom) up to now?

You might well ask!!!
(Psss look out for the red 2CV on the lanes & back roads of Staffordshire).....its the driver you need to be concerned about not the 2CV which is manifique!!! Allo! Allo!

At every dairy farm discussion group thru out the have an amazing resource of farmer knowledge & experience. Lets say there are 15 farmers present at the on farm group meeting. Each farmer has at least 10 years the group has 150 years of experience, knowledge & skills as a powerful resource to tackle farm business opportunities & problems. A skillful facilitator/experienced consultant should be able to create a valuable learning experience which is both practical, profitable & fun.

In the UK "Pasture to Profit" network we have many groups meeting in their local districts. Lets say there are 20 such groups. We now have 20 X 150 = 3000 yrs of knowledge as a resource to build & grow profitable dairy farm businesses.

Around the world there are many very active low cost "pasture based" dairy farm discussion groups meeting regularly in their respective countries.

The stark reality is that there are very few "pasture based" dairy farmers.....we seriously need to not only STICK TOGETHER but we should be WORKING TOGETHER!

That's impossible without the internet.

Now I can hear you saying........Emails are okay've got to be joking!!!

So what about Blogs......and Twitter?????? OMGOD!!!! Did he mention Tweets.......Tom has clearly been into the "Happy Pappy tablets again"

This is really smart technology.....we cant afford not to use it!!

I'm sure Graham Alexander Bell must have been horrified that telephone users used the phone NOT only for business but also to have "chats" terrible can you get?

Did you refuse to learn drive a car because there were hoons on the roads? Ofcourse NOT.
By the way look out if you drive in Staffordshire, England for a "Older Hoon" driving a red & white 2CV "Deux Chevaux manifique" yelling ..."Allo! Allo!"...... & looking slightly mad!!!

To succeed in this world you need a "profound sense of the ridiculous".

Look at what Heather Gorringe & husband Phil have achieved at with her fantastic gardening podcasts & blog. Heather recently completed a Nuffield looking at the development of the Web & the role of social media..she is an inspiration to us all & has been extremely helpful & encouraging to me in setting up this Blog
We need to network. Lets Twitter & Blog worldwide so our businesses prosper!!

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  1. HI Tom you are right with the network world wide as like you say within minutes of posting this I recived it in NewZealand and can post comment back were else can you do that. Hazel and I have just joined a Green to Gold dicussion group in the cental north Island its a very focused group we have the current sharemilker of the year for NZ as convenors so they keep us all focused I will get all the E-mails at the next meeting and hope to get them involved with your blog. Hope you are having a good summer cheers do you fancy on the weekend AB's or France...!!!