Friday, 19 June 2009

Excellent Farm Contractors should be Congratulated

This week I met an impressive young man on a Digger doing an amazingly professional job with extra ordinary skills. Meet Jamie Eastment of DK Eastment Groundwork contractors from Dorcester Dorset England.I was very impressed with his skilled workmanship.He made that heavy Digger glide like a Ballet dancer moving gracefully to music! He moved material about like he was icing a cake!
It was magic to watch.
I was so impressed with this young man that I spoke to him to congratulate him on his workmanship & skill. To my joy I met a pleasant young man who was so polite & easy to talk to about his work.
Stephen & Sandra Woof (at Hooke in Dorset) are members of the Realfarmers Discussion Group in Dorset. In the last 6 months a new twin Herringbone parlour has been built & kilometres of new tracks put in on the farm. Jamie Eastment has been involved from Day 1.

In the UK dairy industry we are losing dairy farmers fast. When you lose farmers you also lose support contractors & a whole raft of small businesses that support our industry. It will become increasingly difficult to find skilled people both on our farms & to support our businesses. The young Jamie Eastments of this world need to be part of our external business teams. BUT we have to look after them!!!!

It is so important to encourage our family members working on the farm,praise not only our staff BUT also credit our contractors for their workmanship & skill.
Stephen & Sandra tell me that Jamie has been terrific & a pleasure to work with...surprise!! surprise!!
I salute you Jamie you're a craftsman & one hell of a nice young man.
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