Tuesday, 8 April 2014

"Agriculture, science …. And stuff like that"… A New Blog

"Agriculture, science …. And stuff like that"

Hello I’m Jill Walcroft from AgResearch NZ. I’ve been invited to write this blog.

“Agriculture,science and stuff like that”  is a new blog created by AgResearch scientist Jill Walcroft as part of an action research project investigating the ins and outs of science communication with social media.

I believe that science ideas are worth exploring and discussing, especially science to do with land. I feel that sometimes science is not very accessible.  So I’ve given myself a challenge, “can I present the stories in such a way that people’s eyes don’t glaze over after the first sentence”.  I am also keen to understand the reasons scientists may or may not see social media as a good avenue for communicating their scientific findings, and to hopefully find ways of enabling scientists to uptake up these technologies with some confidence.

Check out the first three stories I have posted.

Explore the blog in general at http://andstufflikethat.org/

Help with the study by giving me your opinion.  Please answer the 10 question survey after you read any of the stories.  Also - Comment on the blog if you’d like to share your ideas with other readers.

Thanks Jill


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  2. This is really interesting! when you said agriculture alone, it's really not that specific in discussing with ideas but when we said agriculture and science, it implies of an improvement to having a good quality of production and better farming. We tend to seek for any ideas nowadays to maintain a better agriculture and this will lead us to a new knowledge. Thanks for sharing this to us Jill! God bless you.

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  3. Thanks for your supportive comments about the new blog. I think it is important to share science outcomes with people in a way that makes the science relevant to them. Communication between farmers, rural professionals and scientists is not always easy and we need to find a safe middle ground were everyone can contribute to the conversation. I would be interested to hear what your experience is with science communication? Jill guest blogger

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