Sunday, 20 September 2009

Proud of Our Fine Young Professional Dairy Farmers

The Pasture to Profit network can WALK TALL we have many great young people who are fine examples of 'We Can Do' professionalism.
If you search Google for professionalism it's hard to find any recognition of Dairy Farmers as being professionals.

Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it & doing it.

It's NOT the job you DO, it's HOW you DO the job.
I had the pleasure this week to host an enthusiastic group of pasture based dairy farmers from Brittany France. We travelled together through the South West of England going into a number of brilliant farm businesses that exuded professionalism in every sense of the word.
Can I introduce five fine young professional dairy farmers who deserve to be recognised for their 'Out of the Box thinking', skills, leadership & innovation.
Meet Mat & Jessica Boley, from Batch in Somerset, George & Emily Aldridge, Purton Gloucestershire, Jon & Rachel Rider, Horton in Wiltshire, Will Grant from Newton St Cyres in Devon and Derek & Vicki Garrett from Thornbury just north of Bristol. (photos above)
These people have clear Business Goals, are technically brilliant with outstanding pastures, impressive stockmen/women with extra ordinary dairy cows & herd fertility. They are highly profitable businesses yet their personal/family time is a high priority. They communicate clearly with conviction. They are confident yet very humble.....questioning their own successes.
The UK Dairy Industry needs heros! There is a new breed of well educated, well travelled Discussion Group members who are breaking new boundaries & taking our farming industry forward at amazing speed.
Too often in the UK we are quick to criticise. Too quick to be negative. Too slow to applaud success & too quiet about our fine young professionals.

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