Sunday, 28 October 2012

Movember Needs Farmer Support worldwide. Donate Now!


 Movember is for Farmers to Support

Movember worldwide is to raise funds for Men’s Health. Every farmer should support Movember. Movember is fun. Movember means growing a Mo for one month to raise money. Your Moustache will raise awareness of Men’s Health. October is women’s health month. November is Movember and Men’s Health month. 

Join Movember it’s easy! Donate to Movember it’s even easier & tax effective. C’Mon be a little crazy for one month. Be part of Movember.

Pasture based dairy farmers in the Pasture to Profit Discussion Group Network in the UK have over the past few years raised considerable funds to support Movember. Every farmer should donate to Movember as this affects you directly. If you are female we want your support too please. Everyone has a father, son, brother, boyfriend or male friends whose health & wellbeing is important to you. Farmers should be proudly part of crazy month of Movember growing a moustache!

Breast Cancer October and the pink ribbons are well known. The monies raised are seriously important to the women in our lives.  Movember, growing moustaches during November and raising funds for Men’s Health research are not so well known or supported. Why? Support Movember! Support the Men in your life!

Movember is in just about every country. Google Movember in your country.

  Movember New Zealand. Join & Donate here   

 Movember Australia 

 Movember UK. 

 Movember USA.

Movember Ireland.  

I’d like you to donate to support me to raise funds for Men’s Health Research during Movember. Select Donate & support me Tom Phillips. Thank you. 

Support tomphillipsOneFarm. Nominate me when you donate

Donate to Movember New Zealand.

Movember is important for Men’s Health research. Let’s show that farmers really care! Support the Men in your life.

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