Monday, 28 May 2012

Young Farmers a Cool Group to belong to, especially if you are at Massey University

This week has been a huge week for Young Farmers & Young Farmer Clubs in New Zealand. The National Bank Young Farmer Contest has been completed & Michael Lilley from Tasman has won this prestigious competition & been crowned Young Farmer of 2012. Michael is a Veterinarian working at Murchison on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. He is a recent graduate from the Massey University Vet School. My congratulations to Michael & his wife Kelly….it was excellent TV & a really positive story for NZ agriculture.

NZ Young Farmers is a vibrant progressive organisation that’s” on the move” & “cool” to be a member of or be associated with.  

The Young Farmers has modernised & is attracting motivated & enthusiastic young people from both rural areas & towns to come together. It’s highly social but there’s a strong learning component & what’s most exciting is that it is successfully attracting bright young people into agriculture. 

I’m proud to say that the Massey University Young Farmers Club has the biggest membership in the country & is a very active group on campus.

• Club Meetings

- Biggest membership in the country – over 130 signed up members

- Well structured, often have guest speakers, National Chairman, Fafe sage, Local consultants

• Professional Development

- Generate leadership Programme – 2 courses this year (see photo)

- First Aid Course, Heavy traffic licence, farm safe course.

• Community Fundraising

- Get involved in the Community - Industry research discussion groups – farm succession

- Silage stack covering

- Tidying up rubbish at Esplanade Day.

- Setting up stables at dressage nationals at Manfield Park

• Regional Competitions (National Bank Young Farmers Contest)

- 3 members in Regional final – Taranaki/Manawatu – James Lawn, Calvin Ball, Cam Shaw (see photo)

- Annette Crawshaw winner of the Regional Stock judging competition

- Over 20 members entered the Young Farmer of the Year District Finals.

• Events
- Recently held the inaugural Duck Shooters Ball/Wild Foods Festival – over 50 wild food dishes ranging from goat kebabs to venison and paua pies.

- Coming up the legendary Bus ride to Hell

Are you young? Are you bright & enthusiastic about farming & food? Are you looking for a “cool group” to be in? If so contact your local Young Farmers!


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