Friday, 26 November 2010

Please Support Movember, Support & Look after your fellow Dairyfarmers

If you are watching the Ashes have you noticed that Kevin Pietersen is sporting a moustache?
So too is Peter Siddle (he’s the Aussie guy who had a great 26th birthday on Day 1 at Brisbane) & Mitchell Johnson……these guys support Movember. These guys aren't just great sportsmen they are growing Mos to change the face of mens health
Have you noticed that most of the Australian Rugby players currently up for the Autumn Series also all have Moustaches….the Wallabies support "Movember".
Are you supporting “Movember”?

Movember” is an international effort by men from hundreds of countries to support more research into better Men’s health.

Pasture based dairy farmers all around the UK have joined Movember by growing a “Tache”….in an effort to change the face of men’s health. Special mention must be made of the Ankle Deep Discussion Group in Gloucester/Wiltshire and the Realfarmers Group in Dorset who have made a fantastic effort (& had a lot of fun too!)
Breast Cancer fund raising is very successful worldwide…. & rightly so as frightening numbers of women are so cruelly affected & many lose their lives. Our mothers, wives, partners, sisters & female friends……….Breast Cancer & the Pink Ribbon campaign is a serious community issue that should receive our full support. Women around the world have gotten off their arses & organised themselves & us to support the women who are ill, the research or better medicine. This has been highly successful....well done girls!
We all recognise the pink ribbon as a symbol & something we should support with donations. The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Yet men get cancer & men die of cancer!

So where is the national concern?

How many people are aware of “Movember” where the growing of a moustache is equivalent of wearing a pink ribbon.Why are MEN SO APATHETIC? Why arent men working to actively support the research into better Men's Health????? WHY ARE MEN IN THE UK SO SLOW TO SUPPORT MOVEMBER.


Shouldnt you be embarrassed that you are NOT supporting other men?

Do you realise that…
A man dies every hour from Prostrate Cancer in the UK!
Do you know that…?
1 in every 10 men gets Prostrate Cancer!

Support the Movember Campaign organised by the Prostrate Cancer Charity in the UK or where ever you live in the world. Prostrate cancer research is grossly under funded & needs you help.
It’s really easy to Donate
Go to the website
Click on Donate & use your credit card…..its safe & its easy! Its tax effective & you get a receipt for your donation.
Support Pasture based Dairyfarmers who have grown moustaches during November to raise money for Prostrate Cancer. When you donate money you can support OUR TEAM effort.

Nominate the “Pasture to Profit Dairyfarmers Network” TEAM.
Or support my efforts….nominate “Tom Phillips”.
It all goes directly to Prostrate Cancer Research. I'm not a great one for self promotion but you should know that I too have joined Movember & grown a Mo. Much flack from family & friends but thats nothing compared to the men who have Prostrate Cancer. Please support me by donating funds on the Movember website & nominate me as the person you would like to support. Thank you! PS This is Day 20 photo....still time to donate!.

Please give generously.

Support MEN.

Support YOUR MAN

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